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Staton logistics has merged with

RS Group


High-Tech & Highly Effective

Staton Logistics is more than a third-party logistics company. We're a strategic partner with a full-suite of transportation services and logistics solutions. We are here to give your company the competitive edge by giving you ours:

a team with deep logistics experiences and advanced technology to simplify your shipping operations. If there's a better, faster, more cost-effective way to get it done; our team will find it. 


Connecting shippers and carriers through a state-of-the-art logistics platform, Staton Logistics offers the  full suite of transportation services. The power of predictive analytics matches shipper demand and carrier capacity, allowing you to make better business decisions for your company be it the more basic to most complex supply chains. 



Our dedication speaks for itself. Atlanta-based with worldwide capabilities, Staton Logistics is here to make your business better. 

Simply put, solid relationships are what set us apart from the competition. We are here to simplify all your transportation and logistics needs. Allow us to show you why Staton Logistics is not your standard 3PL. See what our clients have to say:


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