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 When Brent Staton decided he was going to open Staton Logistics in 2016, nothing was guaranteed. The goal was to provide the best technology and service available in the freight industry. Staton Logistics has developed a nationwide book of clients that benefit from the rewards of this new endeavor. Personalized service and attention to detail started this company and will remain the core foundation of Staton Logistics. As the industry makes advances for newer technology, more efficient freight solutions, and improved supply chain management; Staton Logistics will be leading the charge by pairing smart technology with deep industry experience providing clients with an intuitive logistics platform.


Through numerous partnerships throughout the transportation industry, we are able to bring first class freight management and technology solutions to clients nationwide. This Atlanta-based agency specializes in domestic freight management: including Less-than-Truckload (LTL), Truckload (TL), Supply Chain Management, and Air/Expedited shipping. 

Staton Logistics is a forward-thinking transportation solutions provider who will help soles the complex riddle of optimizing all your supply chain needs. Relying heavily on analytics and business intelligence, we analyze your data to produce a tailored solution aimed at driving optimum levels of service and profitability. We maintain long-standing relationships with a lineup of carriers across all facets of the transpiration arena. Is speed your top priority? We have you covered! Is an economical solution your top priority? We have options for that too! Not every customer or supply chain is the same, the foundation to why we maintain over 100 LTL carrier partnerships including the entire lineup of Top 25 Providers in the industry.

Brent Staton

As an Emory University graduate, Brent started his logistics career at Echo Global Logistics in 2011. From there, he took a role as Account Executive at Worldwide Express. He developed relationships with many Atlanta-based clients, continuing to better his understanding of the complexities in the 3PL industry. When given the opportunity to open Staton Logistics, Brent accepted the challenge.


Opening his Atlanta-based office in August 2016, Staton Logistics has grown into a thriving freight agency with over 15,000 completed shipments in 2021. 

Brent remains active in the Emory University Alumni Association. Himself and family belong to Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta. 

Michael Misterka
Operations Manager

Michael joined the Staton Logistics team in January 2020.  

He is an honors graduate from Georgia Southern University with a dual major in Logistics and Operations Management. Born and raised in Georgia, Michael continues to develop his customer base with local and nationwide clientele. 

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